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one of a kind didgeridoo and singing album

Our Equilibrium album

Recharge and regain
inner-freedom & inspiration

Create your personal ceremony or listen whenever you need and drive change to continue creating your dream life in flow.

A magical journey through the sound of deep didgeridoo in 11 different tones and authentic & mystical voice.  A connection of Nature. Expression of Breath. Music of the Universe.

Get an instant access to the whole album with additional 3 exclusive tracks and other special bonuses available only here:

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“A wonderful journey  into the inner-self,
a balm for the soul.”
~ Urszula

“Love, Unity, Harmony, Flow, a Wonder, 
a state of Bliss.”
~ Edyta

“Your music transcends religions and beliefs. A pure form of sound. Very powerful.” 
~ Brian

“After the concert,  the smile just  doesn’t leave my face.”
~ Weronika

Instantly relaxing.
Thank you!”
~ Pepe

“Sound flowing straight from the heart. They take you to lightness, bliss & peace.”
~ Karol

“Mind opening and stress relieving!
~ Rafał

“Listening to you, I felt one with the entire existence around me!”
~ Ravitha

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Prahumira.App: Sound to Freedom

Your daily tool to nourish your body, mind & soul.​

Music of the Universe. Instruments of the World. Ethereal Singing. 
Sound Journeys. Guided Meditations. Guidebooks.
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